How to Choose the Right Rucksack?

Buying a perfect rucksack plays a crucial role, according to us rucksacks should be chosen after considering the duration of your travel or trek.

You can choose the perfect rucksack after considering the approximate duration of the hikes/treks given below:

  • 1-3 Days Hike

For smaller hikes ranging from 1-3 Days, one can choose a backpack of either 25L or a 45L.

  • 4-9 Days Travel/Trek

For travel or treks ranging from 4Days - 9Days, you can either opt for 55L or 65L Rucksack. For longer treks or travels, we advise you to choose a rucksack which has a good back support mechanism along with a aluminium rod which is a great relief when you are in the mountains.

Also for treks with summit push like Kedarkantha or when you wish to travel locally after keeping your rucksack inside your room, a foldable bag is always recommended. 

  • More than 9 Days Trek/Backpacking Trip

For backpacking or travel or trek in the Himalayas with more than 9 days, we would recommend you to go for 80L, 90L or even 95L Rucksack. Out of these, 90L Pro is a rucksack which has front opening & this is one of the biggest advantage when it comes to managing or organising your stuff inside the rucksack.

With these rucksack, you can always opt for a Organiser Kit which helps a lot in organising your rucksack.

In an organiser kit, there are in total 6 Packs, 1 - Shirt, 1 - Shoes, 4 - For Tshirts & Pants

You can easily roll up your clothes and keep inside the organiser. This helps a lot in segregating your stuff inside the Rucksack & avoid all the mess.

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