Jainsons Umbrella Manufacturers was founded & established by Mr. Sohanlal S Surana initially in Dockyard, Mazgaon in the year 1985. He started the business from the scratch with a very low capital & low investment. He used to craft the umbrellas & sell them across the local areas himself. As years passed, slowly & gradually he expanded the business from a one-man base to around 30 Employees under his guidance. At present, his retail outlet is in Thane; while their manufacturing unit is at Kalher, Bhiwandi. His son Mr. Narendra Surana also joined the business & played a vital & significant role in making the business prosperous in the prospect of achieving greater heights. His innovative ideas & experiments are one of the many things which make his brand unique & distinctive in the entire market. Their brand name Jainsons has been registered & been trademarked since the past 20 Years. As the time passed Mr. Narendra Surana kept on increasing the product line with his brilliant industrial experience. Now the brand Jainsons is having a product line of over more than 25 products with several sub-products under them.

Jainsons Umbrella Manufacturers has been striving with passion to achieve excellence as a provider of best quality rainy products and a wide range of promotional solutions. The company aims to go beyond consumer satisfaction to reach consumer delight by ensuring value for money experience for our products. We aim to look at continuous development towards our products till we reach the target of zero defects. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements so that we can deliver products which will foster excellence.


“श्रमम् विना न किमपि साध्यम् ।”(Without efforts, nothing can be accomplished)


In Quality, We Believe.
Vision: “To become India’s most innovative, most dynamic & most credible umbrella brand!”

Mission: Our mission is to produce and persistently develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering a climate where utmost satisfaction is derailed. We will always strive to serve our customer with the utmost integrity & craft a product which provides much more than it's worth. It is our goal to ensure our mission by continuous self-improvement, growth in our operations and employees; while maintaining profitability to the benefit of our customers, employees, and community. We apply innovation & creativity while making all our products, so as they cater to the target audience. We aim to go beyond “Customer Satisfaction” to reach “Customer Delight”. All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our mission and goals are fulfilled in a courteous manner.

Uniqueness: Most of the other brands present in the market manufacture Umbrellas using Polyester Fabric; whilst We craft these Umbrellas from 100% Nylon Taffeta 190T Fabric with an acrylic coating on the underside and a scotch-guard type finish on the top. The major reason behind this is that; the Nylon Taffeta Fabric lasts much longer than Polyester, creating a product which lasts a lifetime creating a major impact on the minds of the customer. All the parts of the umbrella are made up of Quality Raw Materials.


The organisation’s name is Jainsons Umbrella Manufacturers & they’re functioning under the brand name Jainsons. They are present in all the three forms i.e. manufacturing, wholesaling & retailing. While operating in all the three forms they've gained major experience, right from the manufacturing till the end selling. They’ve contributed a lot in the development of the industry. They majorly deal in all kinds of Umbrellas & Raincoats. Their retail outlet is in Thane while the manufacturing unit is situated at Kalher. They're operating in the Umbrella Industry from the past 30 years & have contributed majorly in developing & creating quality products. Their presence in the Rainwear market is from the past 13 years.  From the day they started this business, they had the sole aim of creating a quality product that lasts for a long duration & creates a favourable brand image. 30 years down the line now, with the dynamic changes in the technology, their aim & motto is not only consistent but also adding upon excellence in terms of design & dynamic innovation. They have their own in-house R&D department which focuses on innovation & improvises in products that they manufacture.

Retail Outlet:

2 Stores In Thane & Expanding...

Manufacturing Unit:

Kalher, Bhiwandi.